Doubletakes offers eco-friendly, one-of-a-kind artisan children's clothing. Each unique garment is destined to be your child's favorite thing to wear! Whether you're looking for vintage, chic, funky, or whimsical, our boutique has something your special child will love! Our creative dresses, coats, jackets, and capes make memorable gifts for your baby, toddler, girl, or boy. Let your dog join the fun with our coordinating scarves!

We have multiple sources for our primarily natural fiber materials: new, reclaimed, domestic and exotic vintage, and organic with unusual embellishments, embroidery and various trims. We use locally found materials as much as possible. A green approach appeals to our ethics and aesthetics. An interest in the history that comes with reclaimed materials and a joy in forming new cross-cultural and cross-decade creations make for unusual variety! 

While researching historic clothing, Debbie came across the concept of a garment that could expand as a person grew. She thought this a brilliant idea, so when a friend mentioned how sad her daughter was when she outgrew her favorite skirt, GROW UPS were born! The inside hand-basted tucks are strong, but able to be removed with only one snip from a small pair of scissors. As your little girl grows, remove a tuck and she can continue to enjoy her favorite skirt! 

Our FLIPS are reversible skirts. Both sides are beautiful, but each has its own special appeal. 

Our TOPSIE TURVIES are, as far as we know, a real innovation in clothing types. Unlike the FLIPS where both sides of the skirt share the same waistband, the TOPSIE TURVIES turn upside down, revealing a new waistband and different layers of fabric.

We hope your children and animal companions enjoy wearing our creations as much as we enjoy making them!

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