Remodeling & New Construction

Renders give your customers a better chance to see how you can upgrade their home with a makeover....see example with pricing.....see photo gallery

My husband and I were considering lots of options for our bathroom vanity and cabinets. Finding just the right size, shape and style were all important things to us. Tim's knowledge of cabinetry, design input and renderings not only helped us sort through all the important little details, but also to see what the end product would look like.
--Nans Saarima, FF Iowa


Furniture Design

Custom furniture is "tailor-made" to suit your particular requirements. Concept renders are a first step. Final drawings allow the workshop to bring it into being true to the original intent.....see photos

Precise drawing is essential for the quality work we do here at Sutherland Woodworking. I used to create these drawings manually. Tim's drawing work has saved me a lot of time that I can now devote to other aspects of my business. images1 he has created have helped me land jobs I may not have gotten otherwise.
--Mac Sutherland, Sutherland Woodworking


Garden Architecture

Well designed garden architecture integrates home and garden. Communicating ideas through drawings gives confidence to the client and client satisfaction and future referrals to your business.....see photos

I love my garden and wanted just the right structures to support and display my plantings. Tim's design and drawing skills helped me quickly settle on designs that I've been very happy with.
--Deanna Julsen, Fairfield, Iowa



Product Design

Thoughtful design in clear working drawings is a must in today's competitive market.....see photos

Tim loves a challenge and is one of the most creative designers I have worked with. The products he helped design generated millions in sales for our company.
--Jason Taylor, Wood Products Manager, Kingking USA